For and against living in a mansard – including 111 images ideas and tips

The theme of the residential architecture is particularly popular with Archzine. That's why today we are dealing with an elaborate housing variant - the attic. We have already published an article on "Setting up an attic apartment" and would like to make a return in this direction. But this time it is not so much about the individual rooms and their furnishings, but now we discuss:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of a mansard apartment
  • the colors and furniture that are recommended in the room design
  • Decorations and interior designs to astonish
  • and much more…

We also supply another can of inspiration for setting up and decorating a mansard by selecting and presenting over 100 unique pictures. As you scroll, you'll discover everything we've prepared for you. Have fun!

Your dream apartment - a spacious mansard

Roof pitch design Living room kitchen on the last stoch living flat cleverly furnished dining table dining area sofa living room living space

Have you asked yourself why you should live in a garret apartment? If not, we have some suggestions for you here.
1. These apartments are often cheaper and despite the sloping roofs they offer a larger squaring. Namely, the sloping walls are designed to give your creativity a free rein and to conceive various furniture and designer designs that best suit your home.

Simple and modern design with plenty of space for guests and friends

attic chimney with wood pieces of wood champagne color for the sofa armchair stairs to the terrace living in mansard

2. Living on the last floor has many aspects in relation to the neighbors: there is no one who disturbs you from above with noise or something else. And if someone lives in the lower floor, it will give you extra heat at home, which can only be beneficial in winter.

Nobody will disturb your quiet sleep

attic furnishings bed purple bedding pillow pillows vase with fresh flowers on the table sofa armchair cabinet with mirror

3. Here is the talk of heat and cold. The temperature in your home is the only drawback of a mansard - in summer it could get really hot and in winter - colder than in any other apartment. These effects are due to the high position of the building, but they can be avoided or at least mitigated by means of adequate insulation.

Cozy ambience in every season

mansard beautiful apartment living room set up and beautiful living wooden house fireplace stove stone construction festive table covered table window armchair house mansard with balcony

4. The prospect is an undoubted plus. You would have a view over the region in which you live. In addition, most of the mansard apartments are equipped with terraces and balconies, which requires romance and cool parties under the open sky. You could still design a summer or winter garden there. A permanent view of the sky and the stars gives many people a feeling of freedom and contentment - if you are one of these people, then the attic is certainly the right choice for you.

A small but nice terrace

penthouse white room duplex with terrace kitchen living room ideas white design

5. A natural light - this will provide your home with constant care. This allows you to select darker furniture and decorations and design several other designs according to your preferences.

The warm sunshine that caresses your face is the best alarm clock in the world

furniture for sloping ceilings white furniture design ideas mural black and white floor lamp window decoration window

6. An important aspect of living in mansard is the possible formation of moisture. In order to avoid such inconvenience, you should do an inspection with experts before the move and, if necessary, also undertake the corresponding renovation.

The excess moisture can cause mold and other harmful effects - be sensible when it comes to the health of the whole family

penthouse apartment children and parents play together on the floor in the mansard bedroom duplex bed puzzle

7. Often, especially in older buildings, there are no lifts - accepting such a circumstance as a benefit or a disadvantage depends only on your attitude.

Why visit a gym if you can climb the stairs to your own apartment several times a day?

penthouse furnished modern luxurious furnishings luxury lighting stool floor lamp fireplace

8. Last but not least, we remind you what kind of cozy flair this type of apartment offers. Many of them are also equipped with a fireplace and when it is already November, you probably think more or less about the upcoming winter festivals, right?

Cozy living atmosphere in every season

mansard apartment sturdy style villa in the countryside sofa leather armchair hanging lamp carpet glass table living room living room mansard

Now imagine the Christmas season. Hot drinks, warm ambience at home, happy music, sophisticated atmosphere and festive decoration. You stand by the window and enjoy the falling snowflakes - sounds like magic! If you find this scenario difficult to imagine, remember the joy of children and teenagers - they can truly appreciate such moments. Otherwise a mansard offers even more possibilities for cozy and romantic evenings. For example, drink wine and talk sweet words in the summer on the terrace with friends or partner.

The morning coffee tastes much better with this view

mansard with terrace beautiful apartment with view of the sky stars slipper

Great, spacious, bright and wide. Such is an attic apartment. Laying the bed under a skylight is particularly romantic - you would feel like being in seventh heaven (especially when the outside is raining or snowing).

"My home, my paradise"

attic bedroom bedroom attic apartment large window much in the room sunbeams art beautiful lamp in the room carpet dream carpet

Are there any other advantages of such an apartment? Yes of course! The people who work at home could put the desk back under a skylight - that provides inspiration, a touch to nature and motivates better results in the thinking and working process.

Direct sunlight supplies the organism with vitamin D.  

small rooms cleverly furnished bedroom on the last floor duplex reading chair desk window to the roof big beautiful flower colorful colors

The children's room in a loft apartment delights the little ones. The reasons are so much that we do not have enough room to list here. You'd better ask your offspring yourself.

Idea for children's room in an attic apartment

flat decorating ideas home decor beautiful nursery room on the last floor window sky motif on the wall

And in a kitchen opens up the possibilities for several "secret" drawers on the sloping roof.

downstairs kitchen white kitchen diner cooking and enjoying on the last floor of a building condo apples fresh herbs

In the bathroom you may like to have windows - most likely there is no one who could look from above.

apartment large attic apartment attic apartment with large bathroom bathtub luminous candles fresh flowers romantic flair beautiful furnishings mansard

If you have a maisonette, then you can make a relaxation room on the upper floor. Many people like to own their own gym - the roof floor offers this opportunity. Game room, party room, sports hall or an additional bedroom? You decide for yourself, but you should think about the ideas in advance and decide for the best.

Watch sports with friends ...

apartment setting ideas relaxation area in the attic sofa gray furniture lamps floor lamps horse racing sport watching

... doing sports in the private gym

attic furnished penthouse wooden floor sports room private gym armchair with decor pillow carpet

Or simply design a relaxation area at home

small apartment set up room for chess lounging wine glass and bottle pillows pillows

Have we provoked your interest? Namely in terms of inspiration and ideas we are professionals. Keep scrolling to collect color designs and suggestions for beautifying the interior.

If you want a very bright apartment, then you should decorate in white, beige and mild pastel colors

apartment set up big and bright bedroom with wooden roof windows natural light allow pink bedspread tv wall mural decor

The bedroom

penthouse flat subtle design of the bedroom bedspread white floor lamp window with view book on the floor white room

Idea for the living area

room with sloping window on the wall gray white beige colors in the room discreet furnishing Scandinavian style

And a bright bathroom

mansard bath in white toilet sink bath in beige and white window in bathroom bathroom ideas plant in bath

Light gray, golden, sky blue and mint green are among the appropriate tones in this regard 

penthouse apartment on the roof of a building discreetly decorated in white and gray pastel colors scandinavian style floor cushions pallet furniture bed made of pallets

attic living room living area in the duplex large gray sofa stool decorations pillows golden decor gray furnishings

penthouse furnishing ideas mint green sofa idea with dark green round cushions as a deco golden armchair subtle colors in the apartment

attic kitchen large green sofa with many pillows as a decorative fireplace in the apartment hanging lamp from the roof

Why not make a black and white mansard - these colors and designs are great

top floor apartment furnishings in black and white dream carpet furnishing ideas suitcase as a cabinet use

attic set up bright room bedroom with lots of natural light black bed window stool vases decor gray carpet on the floor

The wall and floor designs in orange and brown are also permitted in the attics and give the apartment a natural touch 

flat set living room with dining table country style lamp above the table sofa for the whole family pillows in pink terrace

small apartment set up small mansard to make a big impression wooden house living ideas living room kitchen idea for small duplex

garret flat residential vase with pink flowers white bedding blanket wooden flat chair window on roof

mansard in Scandinavian style fireplace fireplace stove bed linen red and white lamp floor lamp simple and discreetly furnished beautiful living

The dark furniture combined with the dark colors of the walls and floors in the attic stifles the bright natural light that otherwise enters every room. In this way, you achieve a cozy romantic atmosphere, which is particularly good in the bedroom enrolls.

attic floor bed bedding in brown hanging lamps from the roof penthouse from the top see bath bathroom sink bedroom with en suite bathroom

Roof pitch create a dark atmosphere in the room Colorful floor cushion idea bed design

room with sloping roof romanesian light in the attic bedroom attic sleeping bed double bed sofa desk dark atmosphere

room with sloping roof three-roomed attic or duplex on the roof attic living room living area kitchen dining room recreation room

room with sloping roof many windows on the wall black wall luxurious decor decorative lamp Persian carpet

room with sloping green sofa dining room with fireplace tv wall sofa relaxation and enjoyment home attic duplex

bedroom with sloping roof bedroom double bed in gray with large wardrobe next to it small coffee table in black with water on it window armchair

flat decorating maisonette with bedroom on the last floor bed gray bedding orange blanket wall decor pictures carpet of pelts next to the bed

flat furnished small attic living room with dining area fireplace and large sofa floor lamp

What do you think of a super colorful apartment? Looks cheerful and exotic, right?

flat design exotic arrangement of flat blue armchair red sofa green turquoise contrast saturated colors lamps

The oriental rug finds room everywhere - especially in the homes of artists

penthouse red furnishings wood roof pitched sofa drawers red black carpet bed bed design pillow decorations

penthouse apartment penthouse ideas blue wall decoration bedroom bedroom on the last floor duplex orange carpet

loft apartment inspirational ideas fireplace sofa table dining table chairs bookcases mural black white decorating fresh flowers on the table

penthouse apartment leather sofa pitched roof fireplace stove pallet furniture window roofing room ideas floor wood material for the stove

attic beautiful experiences in the autumn dining table with wine and fresh flowers on it bed linen table

loft simple design scandinavian style bed on the floor chairs window fluffy rugs white carpet fur rug

mansard apartment white apartment with black chairs wooden furniture tv wall carpet window view

attic ideas leather chair reading chair cushion decorations interior design large plant window french wood house

attic armchair black leather elk head decorative carpet cupboard with drawers ideas

attic room dream carpet in white and blue sofa with decorative pillows decor ideas maisonette white plant small table

attic room teenage room window with reading corner books reading at the window large mirror coat hook wardrobe wardrobe boxes floor cushions light in the room

The terrace

penthouse flat apartment with terrace balcony on the roof attic mansard or duplex residential ideas

pitched roofs color green lounge chairs for sunbathing on the balcony terrace in the last floor with jacuzzi and unique views

penthouse interior design terrace on the last floor seating plant in pots chairs table vase with flowers

penthouse set up wooden house bedroom on the second floor of a cornaonette bedding in white and purple violet picture frames

top floor apartment set up decent colors at the apartment fresh tulips in a vase pink tulips black and white furnishings fireplace pastel scandinavian flat

attic set up robust design in the apartment fireplace kitchen wood floor window terrace balcony storen


small apartment furnishings bedroom design curtains in gray protect from the direct sunlight in the morning reclining chair reading chair

small apartment set up bedroom with desk cabinet and bedroom at once purple bedding white desk shelves for books

small apartment furnished one-room mansard hanging chair dining room kitchen and living area all at once large sofa

small flat decorating bed bedroom in white and gray gray pillow with stars mural decor floor lamp on the wall

attic apartment in light nuances wood table wood floor parquet sofa in gray in the apartment fruit bowl books

attic lamps in golden nuances hanging from the roof loft apartment kitchen diner kitchen washbasin dining table with white chairs white flowers in vase

attic bedroom with wardrobe gray bedspread tub in the room chair white

mansard simply furnished white beige furnishings scandinavian subtle design sitting area on the window wardrobes bed linen

attic creative sofa on the floor white sofa red books reading corner recreation at home relaxation room

attic apartment design creative home decorating bookshelves many books in the apartment bed with pillows bookshelves

attic apartment on two levels with many drawers under the bed bedroom stairs to the bed

apartment inspiration a room to relax at home is great idea armchair reading chair large window tv carpet table for playing duplex

apartment inspiration duplex furnished living area on the second floor glass dining table with black chairs antique door large terrace

apartment inspiration bed bedroom with desk and laptop teenager room discreetly furnish everything necessary

A gray bedroom from two perspectives

Apartment inspiration which color matches the gray blue or turquoise is perfect as a deco in the gray room room decoration

flat decorating ideas gray bedroom with blue and turquoise luminous decorations gray flat inspiration

flat inspiration bedroom bed with two small lamps on the sides green plant wall decoration mural in blue pink and violet

apartment inspiration living design living design sofa with table coffee drinking area to relax and enjoy

flat design fireplace stove in the attic wooden material white flat design green plant left

flat design scandinavian style home decor gray carpet white vases decor ideas white sofa

flat design bedroom with private bath rug bath area double bed great duplex

flat design white residential design modern living room living area with sofa armchair and fireplace large mansard

downstairs kitchen gray eat-in kitchen no separate room but a whole duplex attic gray color

flat design bedroom design ideas white living design staircase to the roof wall lamp

flat design bathroom bathroom in the apartment sink sink beside the toilet closet in the bathroom window mirror white decorating white tiles

flat design a lot of natural light in the room black bed big window mural over the bed

attic kitchen eat-in kitchen at home white interior design ideas to design coffee table

small rooms cleverly furnish large bed in the attic apartment attic apartment in gray and beige furnish curtains to the exotic look of the room

small rooms cleverly furnished bedroom and living area at once coffee table 2 large armchairs apple green on the table floor lamp bed television

small rooms cleverly furnished large attic living room living room sofa green sofas leather armchair

small space cleverly set up gray design gray big sofa in the room floor lamp bright white gray design

Bevel colors make huge bed with plaid bedspread green pillows creative clothes hook idea murals photos dining room


bevelled color design pastel colors light blue bedspread wooden design of the apartment residential design interior ideas armchair

black and gray can look so chic and great green color in the room thanks to the green plant floor cushions

beveled color fashion sofa in white with colorful decorative pillows red cyclamen white black mirror over armchair small coffee table

roof apartment lovingly furnished art artist apartment mural woman floor cushion seat table small table large room plant

roof-dwelling creatively design no rough corners but sit-tok to read and enjoy

roof home set up interior interior ideas carpet floor lamp glass table wall decoration mural ideas

penthouse in purple and blue wooden house set up a romantic flair at home bed discreet light bedroom with private bathroom

furniture for pitched sofa carpet white black carpet mural wall deco hat floor lamp green plants

furniture for pitched wooden wardrobe white shirt cabinet granite wood armchair floor lamp table cabinets

furniture for sloping teenage room colorful design ideas wheel bike driving room with sloping roof window

furniture for sloping ceilings round design of the roof room no rough exks more beautiful design ideas green white pillow armchairs sofa fresh plants

furniture for sloping ceilings bedroom on the attic double bed large bed bed design floor lamps closet wardrobe

Roof pitch white roof room double bed large window wall window wall box suitcase bags

bevel design furnishing ideas bookcases double bed desk carpet drawers

pitched design kitchen living area in a duplex attic fresh flowers on the table

bevel design room interior design ideas of ikea pillow with colorful flowers gray sofa fireplace stove in the room table living area

flat decorating ideas hanging bed pillow decoration on bed wooden table wine bottle wine glasses

apartment furnishing ideas unique views from a roofed apartment cozy ambience black sofa red cushions outlook over the city

home decor ideas ideas ideas fireplace fireplace stove sofa big window table ideas pillow

small apartment furnishings furnishing ideas in gray penthouse ideas floor cushions seating cushions kitchen sofa kitchen island

small apartment set up turkish carpet in red and white furnishing ideas floor cushions sofa tv

small apartment set up gray white interior design gray carpet drawers murals decor on the wall

small apartment set up bathtub in the bedroom floor lamp metal and wood combine at the establishment

mansard apartment ideas ship in the sea chair in room garret with a view of the sea wooden house norway scandinavia window to the sea

small rooms cleverly furnish bed under the stars duplex bedroom window tray on the bed great living ideas

Here you can collect some additional interior design ideas that would be suitable for each type of apartment 


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