The long sweater – hit for winter 2015/2016

The long sweater – hit for winter 2015/2016

The long sweater is a great practical choice for the cold days. Especially in spring and autumn. Then you can wear them instead of coat.

You can combine the cardigan with jeans and T-shirt. Often she is worn with elegant dresses. We can assure you that the idea is totally cool. If you do not believe us, you can check it yourself in the photo gallery below.

We brought together beautiful photos where the long sweater as the main accent appears and hope that these will serve as your inspiration. Have fun!

The long cardigan is warm and comfortable

long-sweater-beige cardigan ladies' Beautiful model

Long cardigan, combined with jeans - excellent choice

everyday outfit elegant Bag Long-sweater-gray jeans

Elegant long sweater - the choice of ladies in style

elegant-gray outfit Pants Shoes Long-sweater-gray

The long cardigan can be worn for official events

long Sweater gray elegant stylish and fashionable

This tender color and the whole silhouette are just the right styling idea!

beige outfit stylish and elegant oversized sweater and beige coat Knitting Long

The maxi dresses are currently really up to date


Outfit for everyday life, which we recommend

casual-everyday outfit Jeans warm-long-cardigan-sweater-gray

If you want to follow the latest trends, you can be inspired by this look

original styling idea leather pants athletic shoes-black-white-sweater-women

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wears her sweater with leather pants 

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley leather pants Long-sweater-gray

Achieve a casual look - how easy is it!

everyday outfit Jeans gray-knit cardigan

Jessica-Alba-white-sweater-beautiful-long-cardigan and white shoes jeans

Plaid Shirt Short Pants-knit cardigan ladies' Clutch


Lederhosen oversized sweater and beige-black-Flats

The cardigan is absolutely responsible for your romantic and tender vision

casual look-torn jeans romantic model cardigan ladies'

stylish outfit Dark Blue Jeans gray top Maxi Bag Long Sweater

Walking through the streets in style

elegant look-stylish-black shoes-gray with high heels long Sweater

elegant outfit-stylish-white-sweater

Fresh look for the spring

elegant vision jeans and white top and beige sweater

Be bold and combine warm sweater with sporty shoes

green-knit-cardigan-sporting shoes

simple styling idea Dress green Warm-oversized sweater

The multi-layered clothing is super up to date. Do not forget that!

Knitting attractive fashion quality Warm-ladies-cardigan

The long cardigan is the perfect complement to the short black dress

brown Boot short Dress effective golden chain colorful oversize sweater

cardigan-women-sweater-gray-warnes model

Ladies cardigan with hood - the perfect garment in the cool autumn days

Ladies sweater-with-hood-silver-athletic shoes

elegant outfit Long-cardigan-sweater-beige

elegant vision burgundy bag Warm Scarf Long-sweater-beige

long-cardigan-sweater-gray-black-pants-sporting shoes

Cardigan inspired by the current boho movement

long sweater-boho-style sweater-gray

long sweater-warm comfortable Short Colorful rock brown boots

Olivia Palermo-beautiful-romantic-model Long Sweater

original styling idea-gray boots Jeans with-tears-effective full-Clutch-long cardigan Blue Sweater cashmere sweater

romantic outfit Short Dress sweater-gray-brown boots

Selen Gomez is also a fan of the long cardigan. We are not surprised - it is so convenient and convenient!

Selena Gomez Long-sweater-beige

stylish long-sweaters-in-different-colors

sweater-black knit coat-long elegant neck cloth

Taylor Swift wears the sweater with attractive hat

Taylor Swift-sweater-gray hat-creative styling idea

warm-oversize sweater-beige Long-cardigan

warm-cardigan-sweater-beige checkered shirt jeans

Having many layers of clothes means trendy and warm

Winter Look Long Sweater beige jacket-black scarf

beautiful model-sweater-gray-nice-knit-cardigan

Sweet Baby flirtatious-pink sweater

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