Medieval hairstyles to inspire – put yourself in the epoch

Medieval hairstyles to inspire – put yourself in the epoch

Medieval hairstyles can also be quite modern. Even though hair was considered to be a devilish thing, women knew how to dress beautifully centuries ago. From the hairstyles in the Middle Ages, we can now draw a lot of inspiration!

Medieval hairstyles - an innocent girl

medieval hairstyles - blonde, curly hair, braids with white flowers

A wreath tied around the head and forehead is one of the typical medieval hairstyles. In the Middle Ages, most women have long hair, so lack medium-length and short hairstyles from the range of this era. Stylish uppers, braids and hair bands were trendy at the time. Many hairstyles of this time are worth copying.

Flowers in the hair - medieval hairstyles

two braids blond hair braided tiny flowers - medieval hairstyle

Medieval hairstyles were mostly for long hair

blond hair with two braided parts and hanging braid - medium age hairstyle

Free waist-length hair is a simple yet attractive hairstyle that becomes a beauty through flowers or a ribbon. That was known even in the Middle Ages - hairbands with flowers, leaves or a silk cord embellished the women.

Do medieval hairstyles yourself

curly hair with pink flowers on tiara, red highlights -medieval hairstyle

Do you want to have a role model for your medieval hairstyle? The paintings from the age show various original ideas for borrowing. If you are attending an event or looking to go back in time, visit a picture gallery and collect inspiration. Playing these hairstyles is not as complicated as it sounds.

To reenact a scene from the Middle Ages

Medieval hairstyles like a hairstyle taken from a picture - quite authentic

Series and movies are not exactly the hairstyles in the Middle Ages dar. The computer games as well! However, these media give a unified idea of ​​what hairstyles existed at the time. The Middle Ages were a versatile epoch and one can not limit them. Our contribution is only to show the latest trends that are inspired by it.

Cute blond-haired girl carrying a basket

Medieval hairstyles - a cute girl with basket full of flowers, blonde curly hair

Not so realistic presentation 

Kirsten Dunst with medieval hairstyles - floral wreath of white roses, pink hair

Middle Ages was the time of braided hairstyles. On the one hand the hair did not get in the way, on the other hand the hairstyles were neat. In addition, the pious woman completely hid her hair behind veils and therefore the braid was best suited.

Braid hairstyle like a sword

plaited hair in complex hairdo with braid - medieval hairstyles

Discover our other hairstyles from the Middle Ages!

blond hair with pink flowers braided many braids and white band - medieval hairstyles

a complex braid of four parts, hair shaped like flower - medieval hairstyle

blue medieval dress, long braid with woven flowers - beautiful braided hairstyles

Watch video tutorials

Middle Ages Guide

Before a girl married, she could also keep her hair unbound. The girls often wore floral wreaths that they picked and tied themselves. Because of this, the flowers in their hair were a synonym of innocence and purity. Today, the flower wreaths still have such symbolism.

Flowers in the hair

curly hair, with daisies crown, green dress with hanging parts - medieval hairstyles

red hair, colorful floral wreath, delicate curls, a cross around neck hairstyles medieval

The women in medieval times were very creative in the braided hairstyles. The most common combinations of braids that we use today are from those times. Look for a unique braiding hairstyle, imitate the medieval women.

Creative braids

braided hairstyle of red-haired girl, symmetrical - beautiful braided hairstyles

red hair quite popular rediscovered in the Middle Ages hairstyle - beautiful braided hairstyles

red hair color, bow and arrows complex beautiful braids, green dress

The hair adornment is also part of the medieval style. The nobles could afford more than flowers in their hair. The hairstyles were complemented by beautiful jewelry made of precious stones and metals. Crowns, tiaras and smaller brooches shone in the hair of the ladies.

Hair accessories for envy

Hairstyles middle age with a butterfly tiara on red, straight hair

young, beautiful woman with braided hair, updo hairstyle and a cloth - beautiful braids

a streak of silver braided a jewelry like Rose - Hairstyles Mitteralter

Braid like wreath with hair decoration in the middle and at the end - hairstyles medieval

Inspire yourself from the Middle Ages

curly, black hair braided hair on a braid, curly hair - beautiful braided hairstyles

braided hair in different colors and styles, six proposals for hairstyles medieval

Taylor Swift with a medieval hairstyle

blond hair, side braided Taylor Swift with black dress and trinkets

Hairstyles that are real eye-catchers

three corner braided hairstyles so beautiful with big earrings

blond hair a ribbon braided with medieval patterns hairstyles

laterally braided hairstyle of brown hair with blond highlights

Hairstyles and sumptuous clothes from the old days

blond hair braided sideways a beautiful medieval dress and cross chain

green dress and a green hair ornament, black hair hairstyle medieval

Modern look these hairstyles as well!

three braids, curly hair, brown hair hairstyles medieval white dress

Hairstyles turn medieval into modern hairstyles - braided hairstyles

a beautiful woman, hairstyles middle age with a crown, braided hairstyle

Inspire yourself for your wedding!

making medieval hairstyles for the wedding in detail for blonde hair

a bride with a medieval hairstyle - braided sideways with hair accessories on blond hair

Medieval hairstyles make plaited blond hair with hair accessories

straight brown hair with DIY hair accessories with flowers medieval hairstyles

black hair, festive hairstyle with braided hair making medieval hairstyles yourself

Wild hair of witches

laterally braided hairstyle red hair a costume from the Middle Ages, corresponding trinkets

make a simple medieval hairdo yourself like a flower braided

make four medieval hairstyles yourself with appropriate accessories

make four braided hairstyles in medieval style, blonde hair

All hair colors can be styled medieval

a braid around his head like wreath, a celebrity, blond hair - braided hairstyles

red dress, blond hair. a medal with a lion braided hairstyle

three small braids with golden ornaments on the ends, red hair braided hairstyles

blond hair, a gold tiara with black gemstone - curly hairstyles

braided hairstyles a complicated combination of braids and curls, blond hair

Pay attention to the accessories!

curly, blonde hair with a tiara of golden wire like leaves shaped hairstyles middle ages

a witch in the forest with feather in her hair red hair, green dress - hairstyles medieval

In the Middle Ages women have braided flowers in their hair so often - Hairstyles Middle Ages

long hair braided in some pigtails and adornments like stars

Put yourself in the Middle Ages!

blond girl with braided hairstyle in a medieval movie set with blue dress

a hairstyle inspired by braided hair from medieval hairstyles, white clothes

Blonde hair in a complicated braided hairstyle with pearls and curls

Redhead wonder

red hair with curls, like wreath braided hairstyle, gold hair accessories with pearls

green dress, red hair, a headband, blue eyes, red lipstick braided hairstyles

red hair, two braids, a silver tiara, loose curls for the wedding hairstyles

red hair braided with a braid and a beautiful white jewelry like flower hairstyles

Beautiful women with beautiful hairstyles

small blonde highlights in brown hair, curly hair and plaited braid hairstyles

long blond hair braided with fresh flowers braided for a perfect hairstyle

black hair with a small crown as an accent beige dress hairstyles medieval

blue dress and intricately braided hairstyle of red hair hairstyles medieval

Complicated or simple hairstyle

blond hair plaited on three steps braided a royal hairstyle hairstyles

long, straight hair braided sideways like a real princess with blond highlights

Cosplay from the Middle Ages with appropriate hairstyle

blond girl cosplay with hairstyles middle ages, whole red lipstick

Cosplay of a witch with blond hair and hairstyle middle age, black dress

Side braided a detailed guide on how to create this hairstyle yourself

white dress, black hair, updo hairstyle and casual hair hairstyles medieval

red hair with blond highlights, tied in some places, red dress braided hairstyles

The little ones also look good medieval!

a little girl from film with knight equipment and medieval hairstyle

a cute medieval hairstyle on little girl with blue dress

Mix some original styles!

a hairstyle of nobles in the middle ages of red hair, gray dress, pink lipstick

a quick and easy medieval hairstyle and nice blue earrings

the side braided red hair like a real network of hair, from two corners

a white ribbon and sideways braided hairstyle braid the plumage

a nice woman in medieval clothes and medieval hairstyle

Braided hair was typical of the Middle Ages

a net braided with hair blond hair, green ribbon - hairstyles medieval

long blond hair braided with chains and flowers - sideways braided hairstyle

black hair with blond highlights, red blouse braided hairstyles

all hair is intricately braided, gray blouse - hairstyles Middle Ages

a delicate girl hairstyle of middle ages of brown hair with green flowers as a hair accessory

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