45 models fancy rings!

45 models fancy rings!

We know that the ring symbolizes infinity. But what not all of us know is that you can judge the others more easily and quickly by taking into account some details about their rings. It's about the following: wearing rings on his right hand is seen as a sign of rationality. If on the left hand - then one can assume that this person has a certain inclination to hysteria and megalomania. If you explore this science in detail, you learn more information that depends on which finger exactly the ring is.

Some people also put rings on their feet. So you try to distinguish yourself from the group. There are many superstitions regarding the rings. But we do not want to focus on that. We believe that every piece of jewelery attracts positive energy and likes to wear it. Check it out now unusual rings Photos we have prepared for you. You can find them in the gallery below. Have fun!

Fancy rings with funny elements

fancy rings Sweet model with mouse

You will also find many fancy rings models with gemstones - in this case - alexandrite and diamonds

fancy Rings Alexandrite diamond in Flower Shape

What does unusual rings mean? No traditional colors and shapes are allowed

fancy rings-black-gold sapphire stones-in warm shades

Attractive oracle rings with sphere

fancy rings Cool-spherical oracle Ring

Another vintage model; the sphere looks very realistic

fancy rings Fancy-vintage model oracle Ring

The more, the better - these are the fashion tendencies in terms of accessories right now

fancy Rings fresh models-with-stones

Male vintage model with diamond and russian tradition

fancy rings-vintage-model male ring-with-Russian Diamond

Attractive african accessories in tribal style

unusual jewelry African style tribal ethnic motifs Set Earrings Ring

Still a model with ethnic motifs - Tuareg ring with secret symbols

precipitated silver rings models Tuareg-ring with symbols

Ring with gothic motifs - skull decoration and gem in the shape of coffin

fancy silver rings model with Obsidian Skull Decoration Gothic style

fancy silver rings vintage-model-with-precious stones

unusual engagement rings gold pearl-simple-tender model

unusual engagement rings models White Gem

Combine raw uncut aquamarine with gold

unusual engagement rings-raw-uncut-Aquamarine Gold

Some men of good taste choose a fancy ring like this one for their ladies

unusual engagement rings Black Gold Blue Sapphire

unusual engagement rings silver rings paper with message

For men who do not want to wear sophisticated wedding bands, there is a simple variant

unusual wedding rings-for-men-wedding bands-from-wood creative and innovative

Fancy rings made of glass!

exceptional Rings from glass creative design

exceptional-rings-in-boho style

Rings inspired by the winter 

exceptional Rings inspired-by-Winter sweet Winter motives

exceptional Rings with-creative design

exceptional Rings simple model for men

exceptional Rings different models-impressive

Everything looks better with diamonds

unusual wedding rings-with-diamond-in-vintage style

cool silver rings-with-simple design

Fantastic oyster anemone ring

cool model Ladies Ring oyster Anemone Ring

Match silver and quartz

cool model Ladies Ring Silver Quartz

To carry tea set on the fingers - a rather original idea

cool model Ladies Ring tea set teapot teacup-original idea

Designer Rings exceptional Rings with gemstones Feathers Decoration Boho

Designer Rings model with-many stones Nest Egg Bird

Designer Rings Pink Gold White Quartz Ruby

Designer Rings simple model with Raven drawings

Winter in Paris

Designer Rings Winter in Paris

Some ladies are in love with the sapphire

unique ladies ring with sapphire beautiful design

Others prefer marble stone :)

unique model Ladies Ring with marble stone

creative model Ladies Ring turquoise-color porcelain white Decoration with floral motifs

Engagement ring, inspired by Disney

modern-fancy engagement rings model-in-Black-inspired-by-Disney

Platinum, diamonds and sapphires - the three magic words

Modern Wedding Rings model of platinum diamond sapphires

The octopuses are not so terrible if they are worn on the fingers :)

original designer rings Octopus off various metals

Attractive copper ring, adorned with aquamarine

beautiful model Ladies Ring from copper with Aquamarine

Any woman would say "yes" when she gets such an engagement ring

beautiful model Ladies Rings Black Silver Diamond

Here are two models with colored beads - the first is inspired by the peacock

beautiful model Peacock Ladies Rings Copper beads

This ring is decorated with Tahitian pearl

wonderful ladies ring with-special-Tahitian pearl

Elegant ring with super creative design - looks tender and delicate on the lady's hand

wonderful model Ladies Ring Round Shape Gemstone

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