20 shiny DIY hairstyles for medium length hair for Christmas

20 shiny DIY hairstyles for medium length hair for Christmas

Many women and girls worldwide prefer medium-length hair. Why? If you are reading this article, you may already find the answer for yourself ... or multiple answers.

  • Medium-long hair is easier to care for
  • You can experiment with it a lot
  • Test different hairstyles
  • they are less prone to problems such as hair loss or at least not as bad problems as the long hair
  • they dry faster - in winter this is a dream
  • you need less time to style

We will not overlook you with the following facts: the medium-length hair looks feminine on the one hand and gives every woman a soft and mischievous look. On the other hand, it offers most of the conveniences of a shorter haircut. In this article we have our favorite suggestions for Christmas (and not only) hairstyles for this hair length. Christmas somehow awakens the desire for beauty and perfection. That's why we all manage to create perfect decorations, to give beautiful gifts and to spoil our loved ones with precious food on the Christmas table. Self-care does not stay in the background at all.

Be inspired by the pictures and instructions or share with us your own ideas. You can do that by email, via Facebook or Instagram, on our official social media pages.

Have fun!

Look 1: Tying up fine curls with a red bow - Snow White will envy you

medium length hair for christmas style red outfit tied hair with red bow red sound white pullover rock checkered

Look 2: Braiding mid-length hair yourself: that's how it works

hairstyles women beautiful idea to make themselves woman with green shirt braids her hair

And the finished hairstyle

hairstyles women beautiful hairstyle to make christmas itself pigtail on the forehead hair color dark blonde balayage

Look 3: More ideas with bows - stick to the festive colors: green, red, white

medium length hair Christmas fashion simple hairstyle - bound hair with bows and hair clips

For both hairstyles shown above you should first smooth the hair. Better use a hair straightener with ceramic plates, so that your hair does not permanently damage. In the hairstyle with the braid you can also do some hairpins with stones or winterly motifs such as snowflakes u.a. stuck in the hair. Tying the hair is perhaps the simplest way to style it. If you decorate the place where the hair band is, with a beautiful hair clip, then your authentic hairstyle is ready. This idea is especially popular with busy moms because it is practical and easy. Besides, she looks so cool. A tip: choose a bow or hair ornament that contrasts with your hair color. Look at the picture above - white and black-and-white go perfectly with those hairs, and if the red bow is a crimson bright red color, it would enhance the festive look even better.

Blonde hair with subtle curls and low neck tied - a classic among hairstyles

medium-length hair blond hair with subtle curls tied a free strand

A bonus idea: decorate hair clips yourself - this is the simple black design a unique masterpiece

medium length hair with christmas ornaments ornate hairclip glitter blond haat green outfit

Look 4: Ombre blond braid tied in topknot 

medium length hair ombre blond in braid fashion red lips red blouse thick eyebrows blue eyes model

The traditional topknot is a suitable hairstyle for every occasion 

medium-length hair beautiful fashion hairstyles for long or medium hair tied hair with red bow

Look 5: DIY picture tutorial for precise lateral curls

hairstyles women themselves make discreet curls from the smooth hair fashion hairstyle in a few steps step by step

Look 6: A super simple idea for a hairstyle as made by the hairdresser

hairstyles women ideas bond blond dark blond braid fashion ideas elegant festive blouse

This is how it is done:

  • Braiding all the hair yourself or with the help of a friend and tie it at the top;
  • Stretch the braid upwards and fasten with a hairpin;
  • Then turn the braid either down and put the tips under the remaining hair or stuck them sideways as in the picture above.

Since our team, as you know, appreciates the simple, quick and inexpensive DIY ideas, this hairstyle is one of our most beloved. All you need is a pair of hairpins, a hair band and 3 to 5 minutes of free time for the execution. As a result, you draw everyone's attention. In addition, you could emphasize the festive glow by injecting a sparkling hairspray on the finished hairstyle.

Look 7: Curls middle-long hair with hair straightener and complete the look with a head wreath

shoulder-length hair golden-haired woman with deco wreath on her head golden wreath with red decorative fruits very bright white skin red lipstick red pullover

Look 8: Ilex branches are the perfect embellishment for any Christmas hairstyle  

hairstyles half length idea beautiful curly braids in hair and hairline in the form of winter plants beautiful idea

simple hairstyles plait braids and with hair clips decorate beautiful Christmas idea

Look 9: Make a loop out of your own hair 

hairstyle hairs like a loop make beautiful ideas for any hair color guide

DIY instructions in pictures to look 9

Christmas hairstyles hair accessories ideas sweep out of the hair make diy instruction

Look 10: This unusual idea draws the attention of everyone present to you

simple hairstyles make themselves glowing light chain in the hair stuck lights

Look 11: Rudolf topknot - suitable for every age

Look 12: Christmas hair clips - creative idea that suits any hair length 

hairstyle ideas creative hair ornament hair clips with pink flowers and elk horns

hairstyle trends with hair accessories blonde hair dark blond red rose in the hair golden bow

Look 13: With a festive tiara

hairstyle trends simple elkhorn moosehawk reindeer rudolph diadem red beige

shoulder-length hair blonde woman christmas tree idea diadem decorated with stars and red balls

simple hairstyles for the holidays holidays blonde hair with diadem no special hairstyle needed

simple hairstyles to make yourself blond hair curls bow red bow spotted red blouse bracelet      simple hairstyles for christmas beautiful child with a diadem creative idea ornament

Look 14: medium-length hair with a bob hairstyle and a Christmas hat

hairstyles half length beautiful bob hairstyle for christmas smooth fashion festive hat gloves glitter red

Look 15: A spare variant - borrow the idea if you do not have a spare minute to hairstyling: a hat and Rudolph horns on it

hairstyle trends creative ideas if you are too lazy to make a hairstyle snowman hat diadem easy

Looks 16 to 20 are from our friend of "TheBeauty2go" - 5 fantastic DIY updos for medium length hair

Be inspired by the festive looks of the Hollywood stars

hairstyle trends three design options ideas to fashion hair beautiful hairdressing three colors hair

Nina Dobrev

simple hairstyles bob hairstyle medium wavy nina dobrev with stars hairpins on the hair

Jennifer Lopez

women's hairstyles ideas and inspirations by j lo top blond beginnings brown modern idea

Margot Robbie

hairstyles medium-long hair blonde hair medium long wild look naturally beautiful confident

Kendal Jenner

hairstyles shoulder length like kendall jenner brown black hair natural pink lips white outfit

Women's hairstyles trendy casual look to Christmas and New Year's subtle curly hair tied up

hairstyles medium-length hair ideas to shape brown hair tied with pony kendal jenner


Jennifer Anniston

hairstyles shoulder length idea of ​​jennifer aniston blonde hair bob hair shaping idea white dress

Naya Rivera

hairstyles shoulder length idea beautiful and easy with the iron hair slightly curly make golden hair

Kerry Washington

hairstyles shoulder length black hair medium length simple hairstyles lure blue earrings

hairstyles medium-length hair ideas fashion blond hair smiling woman young beautiful

hairstyle medium length elisabeth olsen idea pigtail hair plait casual look natural

hairstyle medium length prominently famous personalities medium length bob hairstyle with dense bangs

hairstyles shoulder length gingerhead red hair beautiful fashion curls elegant fashion beautiful

Other ideas for casual hairstyles for medium-length hair

Ladies hairstyles as easy as possible to make the holidays the hair blonde woman

hairstyles medium-length hair beautiful dress brown hair with blond hair curls

hairstyles half-length half-short ideas dark-blonde approaches bright-blonde tips tied hair ideas

shoulder-length hair pink purple gray with dark highlights and silver glitter to more sparkle and splendor

hairstyle medium long or super long medium long bob hair looks better from beautiful idea ombre blond

hairstyles shoulder length beautiful hair ideas brown hair with golden strands wild look natural

modern hairstyles three beautiful ideas depending on the hair color blond ginger brown smooth curly bob

Why not "Barbie" look for Christmas!

modern hairstyles blonde hair natural look subtle curls wild hairstyle beautiful model full lips make up ideas

simple braids beautiful idea the hair quickly and nicely shaped hair tied

simple braids the medium-long hair in three ways braid instruction in pictures

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