LED Clip Lamp, Swiftrans Portable Lighting Eye-Care Clip Desk Light Powered by USB ( Clip-On Light )-Black Color

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Why You Choice Swiftrans Clip LED Desk Light?  Compared to lelife lamp, LED is energy saving and environmental. Use our Swiftrans clip LED desk light, use 3000 hours, only need 10 KWH,while Lelife lamp need 30 KWH How To Chooes A Good Clip LED Lamp?1, It should be without blink, a easy way to test the lamp is use your iphone, just open the camera app,focus on the lamp’s lighting area, if you find some ripple in your phone screen,then the LED is poor quality. 2, The brightness,though some LED lamp is 7W,but it cast less lumens than the 6W lamp.Our lamp use smart technology to ensure it is very bright.  3,Heat dissipation.If a lamp always work in high temperature environment, the LED life will be much shorter. Our lamp use smart design to make the heat disffuse easier. Why you need a clip-on lamp?Because the clip-on lamp can be used in bedroom,study room, and is mounted to the bedhead or desk.Our lamp use strong gooseneck to ensure the lamphead don’t sag due to the gravity. Technical Details: Clip LED reading lightAdjustable clamp task lightEnergy efficient led lightingLED Clip Desk LightSuper brightTwo brightness levelMax power consumption: 6W Light source: LED lighting source Color temperature: 4000–4500K Input voltage :USB chargeLED life: >50000 hours Color: BlackClip:Up to 0.2 inch Height:Up to 2.47inch Iron+Aluminium MaterialPackage include: 1*LED lamp 1*Specification


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