20 buildings of baroque architecture!

20 buildings of baroque architecture!

The baroque era begins at the beginning of the 18th century. What does the term "baroque" actually mean? Its origins are related to the Portuguese language: barocco denotes an irregularly shaped pearl (backgrounds to the epoch). Later, one begins to associate the word with terms such as "boastful" and "extraordinary." Baroque is indeed characterized by lavish splendor. At first it spread in the Catholic Europe countries, with the time it prevailed also in Protestant countries.

The Baroque style partly takes on the specific form elements of the Renaissance. He "unfolds" Renaissance art clearly articulated and completes the picture of calm and unity. But the Baroque era is different from the Renaissance. All elements of Renaissance are portrayed in baroque style in a transcendent manner. In addition, Baroque is characterized by the pursuit of wealth, which can be noticed in architecture, painting and sculpture.

Painting. Sculptures. Lighting effects. All three will be at the Baroque architecture highly valued and frequently used, because they create a sumptuous, splendid Gesamtkunstwerk. In addition there are rich ornaments as jewelery, unique Fensterbekrönungen, cupolas and generous columns groups.

The architecture is a particularly important aspect of the Baroque era. In the era of this era, more than 50 churches, as well as squares and fountains, were built in Rome. Actually, the whole cityscape was redesigned. The two architects Gian Lorenzo Bernini and Francesco Borromoni exerted a very strong influence at that time:

Two strange people for Baroque architecture: Left: Bernini, right: Borromini

Gian Lorenzo Bernini and Francesco Borromini Two-important-architect-of-the-baroque epoch

The Baroque architecture is characterized by some unique buildings. One is the religious buildings and the other is the palaces and castles. They are all amazing not only in design but also in the story they wear. In this article we will show you the following sights from the baroque era:

  1. Palazzo Barberini in Rome, Italy
  2. Royal Palace in Turin, Italy
  3. Castle Drottningholm in Sweden
  4. Palace of Versailles in France
  5. Residenzschloss Ludwigsburg
  6. Dresdner Zwinger and Kronentor
  7. Residenzschloss Arolsen, Germany
  8. Castle Weißenstein Pommersfelden, Germany
  9. Würzburg Residence, Germany
  10. Castle Belvedere Vienna, Austria
  11. Schönbrunn Palace Vienna, Austria
  12. Winter palace and Alexander Column. Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  13. New Palace Potsdam, Germany
  14. Fulda Cathedral, Germany
  15. Monastery Einsiedeln, Switzerland
  16. Salzburg Cathedral
  17. Viennese Karlskirche Bad Schussenried, Germany
  18. Stiftskirche Spital am Pyhrn, Austria
  19. Peterskirche in Vienna, Austria
  20. Jesuitenkirche in Vienna, Austria

1st Palazzo Barberini, Rome, Italy

Baroque-features-of-architecture-Palazzo Barberini-Rome-Italy

Palazzo Barberini-Rome-Italy-Unique-baroque features-of-architecture

Palazzo Barberini-Rome-Italy-beautiful-architecture-baroque features

2nd Royal Palace, Turin, Italy

architecture and art--baroque Royal Palace Turin Italy

Royal Palace Turin-Italy-architecture-and-art-baroque

Royal Palace of Turin, Italy and baroque epoch-architecture-and-art

Royal Palace of Turin, Italy and baroque art and architecture-

3. Castle Drottningholm Sweden

Castle Drottningholm-Sweden-baroque epoch-architecture

Castle Drottningholm-Sweden-epoch-baroque architecture and art-

4th Castle Versailles, France

Castle Versailles France - unique baroque architecture

Castle Versailles, France and baroque epoch-architecture

Castle Versailles, France and baroque epoch-mode-in-the-architecture

Palace-Versailles-France-baroque-epoch-fashion-in-the-architecture - beautiful picture

beautiful-baroque epoch-architecture-mode lock Versailles France

5. Residenzschloss, Ludwigsburg

baroque epoch-architecture-Residence Castle Ludwigsburg

Residence Castle Ludwigsburg-glorious-architecture-mode baroque

Residence Castle Ludwigsburg-interior design-interesting-architecture-from-the-baroque epoch

Residence Castle Ludwigsburg-features-of-baroque architecture

6. Dresdner Zwinger and Kronentor

Dresdner Zwinger-and-Kronentor-Dresden-baroque epoch-features

features-at-the-baroque epoch-architecture-Dresdner Zwinger-and-Kronentor-Dresden

7. Residenzschloss Arolsen, Germany

fashion-in-baroque residence castle Arolsen-Germany-Unique-architecture

Residence Castle Arolsen-Germany-baroque epoch-features

Unique architecture-residence Castle Arolsen-Germany-mode-in-baroque

beautiful-baroque epoch-architecture-Residenzschloss-Arolsen-Germany

8. Schloss Weißenstein Pommersfelden, Germany

baroque epoch-lock white stone Pommersfelden-Germany

epoch-baroque castle and white stone Pommersfelden-Germany

Schloss-Weißenstein-Pommersfelden-Germany-baroque-mode in-the-architecture


9. Würzburg Residence, Germany

Baroque-features-of-architecture-Würzburg residence-Germany

Wurzburg residence-Germany-architecture-baroque

Wurzburg residence-Germany-baroque architecture-features

Wurzburg residence-Germany-Unique-interior design-baroque epoch-architecture

10. Schloss Belvedere Vienna, Austria

baroque features Lock Belvedere Vienna-Austria-Unique-architecture

fashion-at-the-architecture-baroque castle Belvedere Vienna Austria

Castle Belvedere Vienna-Austria-baroque features-mode in-the-architecture

Castle Belvedere Vienna-Austria-baroque-mode Unique-architecture

Castle Belvedere Vienna-Austria-single-architecture-baroque

Castle Belvedere Vienna-Austria-mode in-the-architecture-and-art

beautiful-architecture-baroque castle Belvedere Vienna Austria

11. Schönbrunn Palace Vienna, Austria

fashion-in-baroque Castle Schönbrunn Wien Austria

Castle Schönbrunn-Vienna-Austria-architecture-baroque

Castle Schönbrunn-Vienna-Austria-baroque architecture

Castle Schönbrunn-Vienna-Austria-baroque architecture features-

Castle Schönbrunn-Vienna-Austria-unique-architecture-baroque

Castle Schönbrunn-Vienna-Austria-mode in-baroque

Castle Schönbrunn-Vienna-Austria-Unique-architecture-baroque features

12th Winter Palace and Alexander Column in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Winter Palace and Alexander Column-in Saint Petersburg Russia

fashion-in-baroque Winter Palace and Alexander Column-in-St.-Petersburg-Russia-beautiful architecture

saint petersburg winter palace and alexander column - unique architecture

Winter Palace and Alexander Column-in-St.-Petersburg-Russia architecture-mode in-baroque

Winter Palace and Alexander Column-in-St.-Petersburg-Russia baroque epoch-architecture

Winter Palace and Alexander Column-in-St.-Petersburg-Russia baroque-mode architecture

Winter Palace and Alexander Column-in-St.-Petersburg-Russia art-and-architecture-baroque

Winter Palace and Alexander Column-in-St.-Petersburg-Russia Unique-baroque architecture

13. New Palace Potsdam, Germany

baroque-mode News-Palais-Potsdam-Germany-Unique-architecture



New-Palais-Potsdam-Germany-baroque architecture-mode

New-Palais-Potsdam-Germany-baroque-mode Unique-architecture

New-Palais-Potsdam-Germany-mode in-baroque Art



14. Fulda Cathedral, Germany

baroque architecture-Fulda Cathedral-Germany

photo-of-Fulda Cathedral-Germany-baroque architecture

Fulda Cathedral-Germany-baroque architecture

interesting-interior design-Fulda Cathedral-Germany

Fulda - castle and cathedral - original architecture

unikales-photo-of-Fulda Cathedral-Germany-super-architecture

15th monastery Einsiedeln, Schwitzerland

Monastery Einsiedeln-Schwitzerland baroque architecture



unique baroque architecture monastery Einsiedeln-Schwitzerland


16th Salzburg Cathedral

interesting render-Salzburg-Dom-Unique-baroque architecture

Salzburg Cathedral-baroque architecture-features

salzburger dom - interior design architecture

Salzburg Cathedral-unique-baroque architecture

Salzburg Cathedral Gorgeous-baroque architecture

Salzburg Cathedral-Unique-baroque architecture

very-nice-baroque architecture-Salzburg Cathedral

17th Vienna Karlskirche Bad Schussenried, Germany

baroque architecture vienna Karlskirche -Bad- Schussenried-Germany

Wiener- Karlskirche -Bad- Schussenried-Germany -baroque-architecture

beautiful baroque architecture vienna Karlskirche -Bad- Schussenried Germany

18th collegiate church Spital am Pyhrn, Austria


19th Peterskirche in Vienna, Austria




magnificent baroque architecture Peterskirche in Vienna Austria


St. Peter's Church in Vienna-Austria-Baroque epoch




beautiful baroque epoch-Peterskirche-in-Wien-Austria

20th Jesuit Church in Vienna, Austria

Jesuit Church in Vienna, Austria and baroque architecture

Jesuit Church in Vienna-Austria-baroque building-Unique-architecture

Jesuit Church in Vienna-Austria-unique-baroque architecture

Jesuit Church in Vienna-Austria-beautiful-architecture-baroque epoch

Unique-baroque architecture-Jesuit church-in-Vienna-Austria

beautiful-baroque epoch-architecture-Jesuit church-in-Vienna-Austria

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