Maritime decoration: 79 decoration ideas with sea flair

The summer heat, the sand and the shells spread good mood and you will soon feel like vacation. There are many ways you can bring a sea flair and freshness home. We'll show you a few decorating ideas for you crafts maritime decoration can and give your home the beloved beach look.

Fabric remover anchor in a shabby chic look

maritime decoration craft anchor craft ideas wall decoration summer

Tinkering with shells and some sand is very popular in summer. From this one can make maritime flowerpots or tealights and use them as a table decoration in the garden or on the balcony. Looking at the maritime decoration objects in these pictures, you do not even suspect how easy it is to imitate them. As decoration material you do not need much. Everything is in the craft shop to get. Just get a lot of shells, scraps, wooden sticks and some sand and driftwood. We will show you how you can use these materials to create maritime decorative elements. Your handicrafts can look just like a holiday souvenir. If you do not feel like working, you can find everything online at Etsy.

Maritime decoration: summer table decoration

maritime decorate tinker vase from jar itself make jute yarn and shells

What is needed for this?

  • bottle
  • jute yarn
  • Shellfish
  • starfish
  • hot glue
  • wooden sticks

How to make this maritime summer decoration? First, get an empty bottle. Then pick up jute or decorative cord and roll them up to the bottleneck. Next, fill the bottle with shells or sand. It depends on what you would rather have. In case you put on shells, make sure that they are small enough. As a last step, take two or three shells and starfish and glue them on top with a hot glue. That will indicate where the front is. You can then finish decorating the vase with wooden sticks.

Maritime decoration: Flower pots with shells

maritime decorating tinkering flower pot of shells deco ideas maritime

What is needed for this?

  • plant pot
  • Shellfish
  • Hot melt glue gun

From shells and terracotta flowerpots, this great beach decoration was made. How to make a flower pot with shells? Get larger and smaller shells and apply glue with a hot glue gun. Then stick each single shell on the flower pot. Press firmly and wait for the glue to cure. Use matching potted plants that will harmonize with the beach decoration.

Maritime decoration: Sailboat made of bark

maritime decor crafts gardening deco ideas summer driftwood sailing ship

What is needed for this?

  • bark
  • Rod
  • grass
  • wood glue

For this boat you need two pieces of bark, which are dried in advance. For the hull you use an elongated part - on this you will expand the ship. The second piece becomes a sail. It should be as soft as possible so that it can be processed well and relatively quickly. In it the mast will come in or the little long wooden stick. A super nice decoration element for the garden. The boat looks as washed ashore as if the paint was done away with by the wind!

Making maritime decoration: driftwood wall decoration

maritime decorating tinker with driftwood beautiful wall deco ideas summer

What is needed for this?

  • drift wood
  • wood glue

Here the driftwood is used again. Before you start deco crafting, you should first lay down the driftwood pieces to match the shape of the template. Only then can you stick the pieces together. To keep it better, use a wood glue. There are craft templates with different shapes. If you are looking for living from driftwood, this maritime decoration will be the heart of your life.

Of course you can personalize your maritime decoration - as you would like it to be. Your creativity is given free rein. On the pictures we have chosen, there are even more deco examples presented. Hopefully you will get some summer inspirations!

Maritime picture frame - cord band wrapped around

maritime decorate tinker picture frames decorate drawstring ribbon wrap

Creating Maritime Homeliness at Home

Maritime decorating crafting maritime dresser with drawstring ribbon

This is how Mediterranean summer looks on your plate! Decorate the board properly maritime in turquoise and white.

Stylish table decoration

maritime summer decoration craft out of cardboard sailboat decoration

Table decoration with a maritime touch

tinker with mussels table decoration ideas for the summer

Glasses are used to make maritime decorations using shells and strings.

Maritime decorating tinker ideas driftwood and shells

A homemade tea light always makes a great result. 

garden tealdek tealights tinker with shells and jute yarn

Decorated decoration with colored threads making decorative maritime on wooden board

Starfish from cloth scraps

decorative starfish selner sewing decoration elements for the summer

maritime decorate tinker fish from wooden stick on wooden board

Make maritime summer decoration yourself

maritime decorate tinker anchor painting on marmalade glass

From mussels are made great tealights

make maritime decorate shells make tealights yourself

maritime mirror tinker wood glue driftwood on the frame

Rustic wall clock maritime

maritime clocks deco summer shabby wood and shells

maritime decorate tinker fish jute yarn and driftwood

beautiful wall decoration maritime self tinker with driftwood

Maritime decorating table decoration vases with shells and starfish

Maritime decorating with clams sand and snail shells

maritime mirror tinker summer decoration driftwood with wood glue sticking

sailing ship tinkering fabric remnants of blue beads and fabric remnants

tinkering with shells small sailing ships maritime blue white

make with mussels small sailboats make yourself

maritime decorate making yourself sewing button fasten heart pearl

garland maritime itself make wall decoration maritime blue white

decorating with driftwood decorating candlesticks with shells

Shabby Chic deco maritime

shabby chic deco maritime craft ideas with shells and jute yarn

maritime decorating tinker with drawstring ribbon and jute yarn

beach deco ideas for summer fish hanging table decoration maritime

wall decoration maritime itself crafting beach decoration with drawstring ribbon

Crafting with snail shells

crafting with snail shells summer decoration maritime wood bretchen and chopsticks

Maritime decoration for the garden 

maritime decoration for the garden fish blue and white

Maritime wall shelf make yourself

make your own shelf making maritime decorating wooden boards

maritime decorate tinker sailing ship shabby chic shoe cabinet

Maritime decorating crafts living room decoration maritime sofa pillows

decorate maritime decorate crafts dresser maritime

maritime decorate tinker candle holder with drawstring ribbon

maritime summer decoration as a table decoration hochzeiz sailing vessel made of cardboard

make your own maritime lamp with driftwood

wall decoration maritime clock crafting with maritime materials vase with corral

maritime crafts with clay paper fish different color

Sailboat crafts wall decoration maritime decoration ideas maritime living

Maritime summer decoration as a table decoration various candles sand driftwood

wall decoration maritime blue white walls beach house bedroom decorate

bathroom deco itself make round mirror with cord tape umwinckeln

Maritime summer decoration as a table decoration white candles and turquoise stones

Sailing boats make driftwood and scraps of kitchen decoration deco maritime

Maritime Craft Idea - Driftwood candle holder

Candlesticks make driftwood pieces of various sizes

Make your own summer decoration as a table decoration yourself with shells

Summer table decoration craft idea 

Candlestick jars themselves make cord and corrugated tape

made of colored driftwood self-decorating with shells

wood board paint blue and turquoise seashell starfish and driftwood stick on it

Anchor made of driftwood

Anchor with driftwood tinker on wooden board with wood glue sticking

Wall decoration in cute shades

Wanddeko crafts deco elements itself sew fish and sailing ship

Wandeko maritim tinker with driftwood shell starfish and snail shells

tinkering with shells sea motif template white pad

Anchor tinker purple threads on wooden board deco maritime

deco decoration elements sailboats made of driftwood and chopsticks

wall decoration maritime itself make sew dark blue and turquoise

Make a Maritime Mirror

Starfish make Maritim decorate mirror frames

Sailing ship tinkering with driftwood canvas scraps

deco maritime living small sailing ships tinker with clay paper

Craft idea with small and larger stones

Doormat tinker stones of different size put on wooden board

Decorate eggs maritim

Maritime eggs decorate wooden board and jute yarn as a base

maritime shabby chic deco elements to sew by yourself

Rustic table decoration

deco elements maritime craft idea with glass shells and jute yarn

Sailboats of various sizes tinker with driftwood scraps

Table decoration in a schabby-style look

maritime table decoration elements vases cord string light string

Decoration with shells make cute summer decoration elements

Sew Maritime table decoration by yourself

Summer decoration sew sewn maritime starfish

Shells summer decoration jam jute jute yarn

Handicrafts made of stones

wall decoration maritime crafts with stones of different sizes

Making butterflies out of shells

make beautiful butterflies with shells of various sizes

Crafting ideas - a garland of homemade sailboats

craft sailboats made of clay paper craft and garland

Maritime window decoration

Window decoration summer maritime of driftwood sand stones and glasses

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