Make chandelier yourself

Make chandelier yourself

 Do you have the passion to decorate your own home? Are you always looking for new creative ideas on how to make something unique with seemingly useless things? Maybe you have already made some nice things, if not - try it! You can do a great job with a little help from our examples Make chandelier yourself.

The BLighting the rooms is undoubtedly very important for the whole atmosphere and warmth in the apartment. And nOh well - the good news is that you do not have to spend a lot of money! All the materials you need are already very often in the house and are in front of our eyes, or are very easy and cheap to procure - colorful paper, yarn, glasses, fabric.

What is more important here is the pure creativity, a little free time and the desire to build! With us you just get a lot of ideas, like you Make chandelier yourself The original end product will make you proud!

Hang several colorful paper circles to make an interesting chandelier yourself!

green-blue-and-brown-plastic circle-as-chandelier-make

For wine lovers - make a chandelier from corks!

Hanging lamps-yourself-make-chandelier-cork yarn

Make beautiful ball lamps with balloons and jute!

Hanging lamps-yourself-making with ballons yarn-adhesive

Make extraordinary chandelier yourself - yes, with the help of clothespins!

Hanging lamps-alone-making clothespins

This idea for chandeliers looks totally romantic and charming - and apparently quite easy to tinker with.


Stick the previously cut cardboard circles in different shades - here in white and pink.

pink cardboard-circling-alone make-

Find another place for the empty glasses - is not that striking?

make kronleucher-of-several-jars-

An interesting idea - to decorate a branch with hanging light bulbs.


chandelier-with-several-paper revolve


colorful cables-in-a-chandelier-made

colorful-balls-of-paper circus-on-chandelier

kronleucheter-with-hanging-lamps chains


And something else for the wine lovers - another way of using their favorite glasses - hanging on a chandelier :)

chandelier-with-wine glasses Halter

And other wonderful examples of beautiful homemade chandeliers for your apartment


chandelier-yourself-tinker-wax paper-sticking

empty-glasses and wood Kron Pendant lamp

original-kronleucher-with clothespin


Pink butterflies for the baby room look totally cute!

butterflies-design-for-baby room-yellow-pink-elements

very-creative-for-for-chandelier-do it yourself-

Find your style and you will easily become a super pretty and extraordinary Make chandelier yourself and with your own hands! You will save Gled and have a lot of fun. They can also be adapted for each room.

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