Make a little book – 84 ideas and building instructions!

Make a little book – 84 ideas and building instructions!

There are certainly many people today who are passionate about reading books. The young people would spend more time reading books today. We can only be happy. In the book "The Song of Ice and Fire" is a sentence: "A mind needs books, like a sword the whetstone." - that says all about the important role of books ... And today, thanks to the new e-books, information and books Book reader made more accessible. So reading is accessible to everyone! But despite all the benefits that an e-book reader brings, there are still many people who prefer the printed book ... Are you one of those people? Or maybe you are looking for great gift ideas? In this case, you are right with us! Because in this article we show you how you could make a mini book!

Of course, such a mini book would be very hard to read - it looks more like a nice decoration. Nevertheless, a short story or a part of the favorite story could be written in the little book. For this reason, it would be better if you first have some precise ideas. Choose the story you want to write - this way you will know how much paper you will need later.

The little books could also be worn as jewelry - with a necklace they can quickly turn into a great gift idea that the ladies might like very much. Do you want to give your loved one great pleasure? If so, we recommend that you make a little book yourself - we are sure that you will be pleased to receive a gift from yourself.

But how can you make a little book yourself? There are very different variants and there are some aspects to consider when choosing. The book should be suitable for the taste of your friend. That's why you should already know what he or she prefers. Which book genre suits him or her? Which book type is it (er)?

Making a book yourself could be a very interesting activity for the children as well. Because it's really fun! You really will not make a mistake - such an activity could actually be one of the best ways to strengthen parent-child attachment. Let your imagination run wild. But you also need the opinion of the little ones! What do your own children wish for?

Have we piqued your interest?

In this article you will find many instructions on how to make a book. This is not as difficult as many people may imagine. You just want to feel like it! Do you already have some idea of ​​what your little book should look like? However, if you do not know exactly what you want and what the book you want to look like, we suggest you take a look at our ideas. In this article you will find a collection of great pictures from which you might be inspired. We also show you some video tutorials that could help you a lot.

Do you want to make such a book?


It's not that hard - each one of us can actually make such a mini book ourselves!


Follow the steps of this great guide ... For this you need not only paper, but also an adhesive


Here are four steampunk chains with little books - a great idea for a nice gift

four-steampunk-books-with-necklaces-and-book covers-from-leather

Another great instruction - as you may have understood, the whole process is very simple! You could also use a forklift!


With this great guide, we want to show you how to make your own little book ... For this purpose, usually only a sheet of paper is needed to fold!


Do you like this idea for a mini book? 


With this guide, you can make a book ... Here you will also find the materials you will need for this purpose!


A chain with a little book - such a gift will certainly please any writer 

book-tinker-a-chain-a-book-could-a-gift idea-a-writer-with-his-for


The book covers are an important part of every little book 

book-tinker-a-mini-book-with-small chains

book-tinker-a-white-book-with-small chains

With a book cover made of leather, the little book looks very nice


Here are some pictures from which you could draw some inspiration - two mini books with pink book covers 


Make mini book yourself - a small and fairytale book with a very nice looking steampunk key


book-yourself-tinker-with-a-red-book cover

If you want to make a little book, you will need paper and scissors 



Make a book - great necklace with two mini books 


Fate is a lousy traitor - idea for a gift for young people 

Destiny is a lousy traitor

The little books look very nice, right? 


Small books with steampunk elements that you might also like ... 

three-steampunk-books-with-case bound in leather-and-metal



A little book with eagle owl



Crafts with children - here we show you a fairytale book with a heart-like padlock


A little book with a short story 


This idea for a little book will certainly please the little ladies very much 

a-geschenkidee-a-chain-hearts with-a-mini-book-and-

Such a book could be a gift idea for the fans of John Green 

a-chain-with-books-with-short stories

This mini book looks like an old, antiquarian book 



A necklace with homemade books 

a-chain-books with-homemade-

A necklace with a great looking mini book 




Make a green book yourself



Make a little book - with book covers made of leather ... Another idea for the ladies :) 

a-little-book-tinker-with-buchhuellen-made leather

Here's another example of how you could make a little book with Steampunk elements yourself


a-small-book-with-a-book cover from leather



The fantasy novel series by Harry Potter 

a mini-book-tinker-the-harry-potter-books

Do you like our ideas for small books?

a mini-book-tinker-with-children

Of course, you could always realize your own idea ...

a mini-book-with-a-book cover-from-leather

Or you could just pick one of our many ideas for small books

a mini-book-with-steampunk-heart

a mini-book-yourself-crafts-is-here-nor-a-great-chain

Are you looking for ideas for your own girlfriend? Does she like reading books in her free time? Then we recommend that you make a necklace yourself with a little book 



Here's another idea you might like - a little book with playing cards

a-self-made mini-book-with Playing Cards

Necklace with a small mini-book with a book cover made of leather 

a-home-made mini-book-with-small chains and-a-buchhuelle-made leather

Make a Steampunk book yourself 


a-great-looking mini-book-yourself-tinker


Here is an idea for key chains 

here-one-Idea-for-a-schluesselanhaenger-a-mini-book is

An idea for the ladies - a necklace with a mini book 


Here is another nice looking necklace with a little Steampunk book 


And now we show you some instructions that could help you very much 



here-is-not-a-bauanleitung-as-you can-a-mini-book-yourself-tinker-


is-here-nor-an-idea-for-a-red-mini-book-with-steampunk elements

Still some ideas for chains with little books 

here-are-ideas-for-chain-books with-small-



idea-for-a-luxury chain-with-a-home-built-buch


idea-to-theme-a-steampunk-mini-book-self-tinker-with-a-small chains


books with-two-failed-mini-small chains

small chains jewelry jewelry mini-book



We wish you a lot of fun!





nice mini-books-with-colorful-book covers nice-book-yourself-tinker-with-small chains

books with-small-steampunk-chain

great-chains-with-mini-books-a-gift ideas

different-small mini-books

different-sebstgebaute-mini-books-with-small chains

many-small-homemade-books-with-small chains


two small-books-own-making jewelry


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