Handprint Bilder gestalten – 60 great ideas!

Handprint Bilder gestalten – 60 great ideas!

It is safe to say that drawing and painting are among the most popular children's activities. This is normal - especially for children aged 1 to 10 years. But there are also many parents who write and paint together with the little children. It is really fun! In this way, they could also enjoy the time spent together. You may have already read some of our many articles on children's crafting ideas. Nevertheless, we recommend that you take a look at this article. Because here we show you a very interesting painting technique: Handprint pictures!

How does it work? First, the hands or feet of the little ones are painted and then the children should simply leave a handprint on a sheet of paper. It's really easy! Of course not all prints will be perfect. But that's no problem, because in this case there are many possibilities. If you let your imagination run free, you could easily and quickly turn those handprints into great pictures. There are no limits to the imagination of the little ones and for that reason they could help a lot and give you some ideas!

Here are some aspects to consider. Do you want to make handprint pictures with your children? In this case, you need: finger paint, sponge, sheet of paper, paper plates, kitchen paper.

Animal motifs such as giraffes, lions, birds, elephants, turtles, seahorses, swallows, zebras, octopuses, flamingos and parrots are very popular with children. Here are some video tutorials and tutorials. As mentioned above, the whole process is very easy. You just want to give your own children a great pleasure. Here you will also find great pictures and very different ideas from which you could perhaps draw inspiration!

Handprint painting pictures - it's easy!

picture with handprint

Great handprint pictures - that way the parents and their own children could draw a nice red cancer

handprint pictures - a red cancer

Inspirational handprint pictures - two pink flamingos

two pink flamingos - handprint pictures

A blue dinosaur - such unusual pictures will surely please the little children!

a blue dinosaur - handprint picture

There are many possibilities ... You just want to paint beautiful handprint pictures!

white polar bear - handprint pictures

A fairytale butterfly - still a great idea for a nice picture with a handprint

handprint pictures - a flying butterfly

Such ideas for handprinting pictures could be realized by you and your own children very easily and very quickly!  two red birds and scythe flakes - handprint images

Here are two turtles ... Hand on heart: We can say with certainty that the imagination of small children knows no bounds 

two beautiful green turtles - picture with handprint

pineapple - idea for a nice picture with handprint

We like this idea for a handprint picture very well! 

pictures with handprint - elephant

As mentioned above, there are really many variants 

blue bird - handprint pictures

painting pictures with a handprint - an idea for the children

handprint pictures - bird, heart

Handprint painting pictures - it's really fun!

images with a handprint - a guide

Two fairytale horses - the little children could realize their own ideas

handprint pictures - here are two horses pulled over

Paint pictures with handprint

Do you already have some ideas? 

pink flamingo - picture with handprint

Seahorses - we can say with certainty that these animal motifs are always popular 

images with handprint - seahorses

The walrus - this is still a great idea for beautiful pictures with a handprint, which also you children can really like 

brown walrus - idea for a picture with handprint

In this article you will find many pictures with a handprint from which you could perhaps draw inspiration 

paint colorful handprint pictures

Something for the aquarist - here is a fancy red lobster ... A picture of foot and hand print

a rotter lobster - great idea for handprint pictures

Another fairy-tale picture - a small butterfly with wings from a handprint 

butterfly - painting pictures with handprint

Camel, Elephant, Lion, Dragon and Giraffe ... Take a look at these really great ideas for beautiful handprint pictures 

camel, elephant, lion, dragon, giraffe - handprint images

Here is a shark - each of us can paint such a picture with handprint very easily and quickly

the hai - a nice picture with a handprint

the cancer, the sun, the palm

Leopard, elephant, turtle and lion - still inspiring handprint pictures 


handprint pictures - leopard, elephant, turtle and lion

A blue swallow - that's actually our favorite idea for a picture with a handprint! This little swallow looks really nice, right? 


a blue swallow - picture with handprint

a green caterpillar - handprint painting pictures

Show your children these ideas for handprinting pictures 

five firefighters - another idea for a nice picture with a handprint

This peacock is still an idea for a great footprint 

a beautiful peacock - great picture

Fairytale red giraffe - as we have already said, there are many possibilities 

a fairytale red giraffe

A yellow chick - painting with handprint

A big and a small hand = a big and a small elephant 

a big and a small elephant - picture with handprint

Painting a green peacock with handprint 

a green peacock - great handprint picture


a beautiful white polar bear - an idea for handprint pictures

Here is a white unicorn - a footprint image

Here is a white unicorn picture

Do you want to give your children great pleasure? 

elephant, giraffe, lion, monkey. handprint pictures

green turtle - a nice picture with handprint

handprint pictures - a blue hand

Show these pictures to little children ... And they could paint together! 

fancy parrot - beautiful handprint image


handprint pictures - here is a pink flamingo

handprint painting pictures - that's how it works

handprint pictures - another idea

handprint pictures - two blue hands with hearts


hanging monkey - a picture with handprint

Idea for a picture with a handprint

Crazy purple octopus - this image with a handprint looks really nice, right? 

purple octopus - great handprint picture

nemo - an idea for a handprint picture

Another fancy picture with a handprint

Handprint painting pictures - this way your little kids will have the chance to prove their own creativity 

another picture with handprint - chicken

palm, cancer, sun - idea for images with handprint

Handprint pictures could also be a great gift idea 

nice pictures with handprint - here are two elephants

beautiful handprint pictures with a yellow chicken

nice picture with handprint - still a beautiful elephant

sun, butterfly, flowers - a picture with a handprint

Have we already aroused your interest?

Christmas tree - pictures with handprint

a monkey - handprint pictures

great pictures with handprint - giraffe


great handprint pictures - a nice zebra

white bunny - here is a picture with a handprint

two pictures - another idea for handprint pictures

two hands and one heart - one of the ideas for handprint pictures

a picture with a handprint - idea for the whole family

a tree full of heart - images handprint

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