Enchanting winter window decoration for DIY

Finally Christmas again! It is not only the time of the tastiest biscuits of the year, but the time of the magical decoration and happy mood. Would you like to get a winter magic in your own home? Here in the Christmas time we show you some Winter window decoration Ideas for DIY. Everyone looks really nice and fits the season perfectly.

Loving winter window decoration adorning the windowsill in the nursery

christmas-Fensterdeko-origami-window decorations

Christmas decorating is popular with young and old. However, it is pretty great to make the Christmas window decoration itself. With something homemade, the window is particularly invigorated. The Christmas baking brings a lot of fun and thus also the home-made decoration exudes a zest for life. Make Christmas star or Christmas tree out of paper - it just works. On our site you can find great suggestions for your own Winter Wonderland.

Decorate the window wintry - make even the little ones happy

window pictures-to-christmas-small-children-fascinate

You can yourself with existing craft materials or with To make utensils from the flea market exclusive Christmas window decoration. Paper, twigs and cones can be creatively used. From old books, colored slips or even sandwich paper you can fold snowflakes, stars and Christmas trees. All are easy to create and can radiate great joy. You can even make little angels, Santa Claus or a snowman. To create a piece of winter ambience, wear the Christmas window images.

We show you charming decoration ideas for the window, which could also be imitated. Get a festive mood with this DIY winter window decoration.

Take a look at some paper crafting techniques! Already, the Christmas crafts can start.

 Christmas decoration for DIY

Make-window images-to-christmas-rustic himself

Design your own Christmas decorations - pine cones with glitter


Window pictures that the little ones love

window pictures-to-christmas-frohliche-asterisk

The pine cones as a Christmas decoration

window pictures-to-christmas-tap-window-design

Winter window decoration with branches


Windowsill happily decorated 


Wintery decorating for the window


Fir trees as window decoration

Fensterdeko-christmas-tinker-christmas-and-tea set



Christmas ornament for the window: white wintry landscapes

Fensterdeko-yourself-make-window images

Fine winter window decoration

window pictures-to-christmas-Fensterdeko-kids-make-yourself

The window decoration provides the great warm Christmas atmosphere


Fensterdeko-yourself-making with Candles

Decorative fir or window decoration itself knitted


Creating really great works for Christmas itself

Fensterdeko-yourself-making star-tinker

Fensterdeko-yourself-making star-paper-basten



Make-christmas-window decoration-for-children-yourself

christmas-Fensterdeko-gift ideas


christmas-Fensterdeko-and-window images


christmas-Fensterdeko-yourself-making child-window-merry-decorate

window pictures-to-christmas-yourself-make-or-tinker-with-children

christmas-Fensterdeko-do it yourself-

DIY with the Sweetest Occasion



Fensterdeko-christmas-tinker-reindeer with-balls-window wallpaper

Fensterdeko-christmas-tinkering-or-off paper-folding

painted window decoration-christmas-tinker-tap-




christmas-Fensterdeko-yourself-make paper bags with-pay-


window pictures-to-christmas

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